Thursday, 18 July 2013

Little Achievements

I woke up smiling these past two days for the simplest reasons that two of my favourite stores to shop in, Glassons and WildPair, have followed me on Instagram and they reposted two of my photos on their official Instagram! Yay!!! Haha! Oh and last week, my friend Kayla tagged me with my picture on Glassons' Facebook that had been up since June (I was still using a different blog username) which I had no idea about and this instantly made me jump up and down and it truly made my day. I mainly put up this blog as I wanted to inspire people through fashion and use this as a creative space to just let all my stress out and turn my frown upside down through my number one! These simple achievements, as I would like to call them, make me feel that what I am doing has a purpose. Do follow me on Instagram trishworethis. 

Hope you've all had a lovely day! xx

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