Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Getting Ready for Summer (Topshop & ASOS Haul)

My most recent purchases will show how ready and excited I am for summer! Everything I’ve bought has been from the Petite category of Asos and Topshop and I don’t know why I haven’t been buying from that category because the fit is just perfect on me. Regular sized items usually fit me well and the only issues I have are with the length of jeans, hence my old username idreamofperfectjeans. I wish all stores would be more considerate to us vertically challenged humans and have a Petite Section. Shall we start a petite-tion? lol! 

Story behind this beautiful Asos Dropwaist Floral Dress was that I have been eyeing this piece since I saw Zoella wearing it in another colour. I waited awhile before purchasing it as it was quite expensive and when I decided I really wanted it, it was gone BUT they had it in another colour. I kept going back to the site for about a month deciding whether I should get it and when I checked a few weeks back it was 50% off and without thinking twice, I clicked away ’til I got my invoice from ASOS! Good things come to those who wait lol! So proud of myself for waiting and I think i deserve, not a pat on the back, but another dress…kidding! Unfortunately, it’s back to its original price but it is a lovely dress with good quality material. Discounted or not, you will not regret getting this!

This Topshop Slip dress comes in so many colours and even in printed ones. It reminds me of the scene in Clueless where Cher had a white Calvin Klein dress on and her dad said it looked like underwear lol. This dress is so easy to wear. Fuss free, Would look great with layering too.

Breton Cropped Top from Topshop. Also comes in Red.

Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam and cream blush in Head Over Heels (both sold out on the website). My photo doesn’t do justice to how great the colours are of these two products. I’ve owned a Sunbeam highlighter before and it just gives you a glowing fresh look. I reckon it would look even better on tanned skin.

Round framed Sunglasses from ASOS. I got them in both black and white. The white ones are also sold out though :(

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